Ben Millar Cole is a photographer based between Glasgow and London. Seeking to find and create play and humour in the everyday, he works across portraiture, constructed and studio-based genres.

Computers Can't Jump merges traditional and post-photographic methodologies to explore intersections of reality and fantasy in our digitally saturated world. It has been selected by Fellowship for inclusion in their Post Photographic Perspectives collection.

Millar Cole is the recipient of the Wallpaper* AI-Generated Design Award 2023

Photomonitor and Altered States magazine recently featured Millar Cole’s Rip-Off - a psychosocial performance exploring identity, featuring a singular character - a puritanical, prize-fighting, gold-toothed employee gone gonzo.

Selected commercial clients include Tate Modern, Vice, Adidas, Atlantic Records, Beats by Dre and Vogue.

CV and portfolio available upon request.

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